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Tayla Setwear - Nude

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Model is 164cm tall, 46kg. Bust 74cm, Waist 60cm, Hips 86cm, Wearing XS



XS: Bust 72-77cm, Waist 62cm, Length 38cm

S: Bust 78-83cm, Waist 66cm, Length 38cm

M: Bust 82-87cm, Waist 72cm, Length 39cm

L: Bust 86-92cm, Waist76cm, Length 40cm

XL: Bust 90-98cm, Waist 82cm, Length 41cm

XXL: Bust 96-102cm, Waist 88cm, Length 42cm


XS: Waist 56-61cm, Length 88cm, Hips free

S: Waist 62-66cm, Length 88cm, Hips free

M: Waist 67-72cm, Length 89cm, Hips free

L: Waist 73-78cm, Length 90cm, Hips free

XL: Waist 89-83cm, Length 90cm, Hips free

XXL: Waist 84-88cm, Length 91cm, Hips free